Change the way you copy Files- GS Rich copy 360

Haven’t you always loved it when companies invent software and applications that reduce your workload to such a great extent, that you feel like personally thanking the maker? Yes, GS Rich copy 360 is also one such software. It is a file management programme that will help you copy several files in parallel, even pause or resume the copy operations at any time you want and copy them to the FTP locations. It is specially designed to help us copy multitude of files at the same time, so that the overall process speed increases manifold.


Not one, but this programme offers multiple benefits to the owners. It makes your work so much easier, and you no longer have to worry about paused extensive files, and their inability to be copied to other systems. Here are some of the benefits listed about this programme.

  1. Fast installation’

The installation of this programme Is very easy. It can be done in no time at all. The user interface is very simple. It is made in intuitive terms for the user. It has many command advanced options too which are a bit complicated, but once you learn them, they become easier too.

  1. Simple copying options

The procedure to copy files in this programme is very simple. Al you need to do is to select the source path of the files that you need to copy at the moment. After this, you just select the destination output. You can start your copying procedure after this. It will take very less time for it to be completed and your work will be done without any intricate details.

  1. Capabilities.

Rich copy has not one but many capabilities. The original software, produced by Microsoft can be run on windows 7, batch copy is now finally a breeze for the windows users. the Microsoft version of rich copy works best on older Microsoft version; however, GS rich copy works on all platforms ranging from XP to windows 10.

  1. Handy features

Along with the capabilities mention above, this programme with a whole lot of other functions as well. It has a lot of options that you can take advantage of. You can choose application to ignore automatically the read only flags in it. This enables you to continue with your other work, or even take a leisure break in between, knowing fully that when you return, the work will be done perfectly. It also makes the logs of the time the copying was started, so you can easily view where the error has occurred, if any thing has arisen by chance.

Overall, it is concluded that if you want an effective management of your files, and a faster experience of copying them, then rich copy is the solution you are looking for. You can choose any of it. It may be the Microsoft one, or its backup GS rich copy, which is much more compatible than the older Microsoft version.

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