An opulent Gujarati wedding with a wedding loan.  

There is something very special about a wedding day. It is the amalgamation of culture and traditions that come together when two individuals start their lives to become a family. And this day is a considerably important day for everyone. If you have been Gujarati wedding, you will see how beautiful the ceremony is and the joy in every moment of it.

Now, weddings cannot be done on a tight budget as there can be some unexpected and unavoidable expenses that crop up as the D-Day approaches. And since we are talking about Gujarati weddings, you can just imagine the opulence of the entire affair.

How would Gujarati families handle such unforeseen expenditure? By borrowing from relatives at the last minute? Not at all. Simply by arming themselves by taking a personal loan in form of a wedding loan in advance.

A wedding loan is a dignified manner of handling your wedding expenses without having to beg and borrow from relatives. It’s also far better than dissolving your mutual funds or FDs that you have kept for future use or medical emergencies. Just sit back and assess your monthly income and expenditure first, then find out how much you can actually pay off as EMI every month. Next, chalk out your wedding plan, find out which are the areas where the maximum amount of money will be spent.

Accordingly, draw a budget and decide upon the amount of wedding loan that you need to take. Such type of personal loan interest rates varies between 11.49 to 19% in financial institutions such as Tata Capital. You can take up to Rs 15,00,000 as wedding loan from Tata Capital.

Now decide how much personal loan you need. What is the tenure that you want to repay the wedding loan in? Take all this into account and do the math to find out your tentative EMI. Once you are convinced with the monthly amount, you can apply for the loan online itself from the website of renowned financial institutions such as Tata Capital. Tata Capital doesn’t even ask for any security for the wedding loan, and the entire process of applying for this kind of a personal loan is also very simple.

While this is just a gist of a wedding loan, how do you think a personal loan for weddings helps a Gujarati wedding? Instead of just giving you an idea, let’s take a look at what expenses are majorly expected in a Gujarati wedding. For that, we can take a look at some of the key pre and post-wedding rituals and areas that will eat up the maximum budget. This will help you to decide upon the amount of your wedding loan.

ChandloMatli: This takes place once the wedding is fixed, and is a cost area as it involves showering of gifts. This is when the family of the bride heads to the groom’s house and applies Chandlo or vermillion at the centre of the forehead. Now, since it is an affirmation of the wedding, the bride’s family will have to shower the groom’s with loads of gifts. This can include clothes, jewellery, sweets and fruits. The wedding loan that we were talking about can help in paying for these items. When calculating your wedding loan, take this cost area into account as well, so that you are not caught in a budget trap.

Gol Dhana: Gol Dhana or Gor Dhana is like an engagement ceremony, where the bride’s family visits the groom’s family with a lot of sweets and savouries in traditional containers called matlis. Being an engagement ceremony, there has to be an exchange of rings as well. Being an important ceremony, there has to be a feast for the guests as well and a wedding loan can help in planning for this ceremony.

Mameru-Mosalu: A day prior to the wedding, the members of the grooms family goes to the bride’s house with gifts including a traditional Paanetarsaree, gold jewellery, bangles, sweets and dry fruits. A wedding loan availed by the groom can help in purchasing of these important items.

Sanji: Sanji is like a Sangeet held in the evening a day before the wedding. This fun occasion gives the bride and the groom to just relax before the wedding with each other’s families. These days this is a big affair and can be a rather expensive event for the parties hosting the event. A personal loan for a wedding can help in the planning of this event. With the wedding loan, this can take place either in a hall or a swanky hotel as per the wishes of the families.

The wedding: The maximum expenses take place on the wedding day with a slew of functions such as Varghodo and Ponkvu leading up to the main wedding. The wedding feast is a lavish vegetarian spread with some lip-smacking food items. Since the feast comprises of the best Gujarati dishes, you can well imagine that the cost per plate for this entire menu will be no less than Rs 1000 per plate at least to start from. The more items you add more will be your cost per plate. Now multiply this with the number of guests you want to invite including the baraatis that is the groom’s family, and you will arrive at the figure for the total cost of food, which can be well managed if you take up a wedding loan.

Add to these, the cost of the venue, decorations, priest’s remuneration and a few other miscellaneous costs, and you have a big fat budget ready for your wedding. Now ask, will a Gujarati family, unless super-rich, be able to manage all these expenses by yourself without external help? It’s going to be a difficult task so it is best not to think twice, if your wedding date is fixed, just get all your documents in place and simply apply for a wedding loan.




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