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Its funny how the world us turning out to be, we came from large computers that would take a lot of time to process small amounts of data and data can now to process small amounts of data and data can now be processed in milliseconds all by the name of technology in short, we are moving in a digital direction and there is no turning back, moving from first generation computer to laptops to mobile phones, technology has taken a different turn. We are now headed to a signed with less time. In organizations that hold a lot of bulk work, there is a solution to the endless papers menace emudhra digital signature offer this and many more solutions.

What is emudhra digital signature?

It is more of a platform for companies, businesses or maybe individuals who want to move to a digital transformation provider and it you are looking for a stable data security. Security as a major concern for a lot of businesses, emudhra digital signature provides you with legally valid digital signatures for some of you applications in your business, well managed PKL, cloud predictive analysis and center of excellence where you are assured of getting the best of improvement for our business to grow.

It has 6 major products:-

  1. Paperless Office

In order to achieve a paperless transformation, emudhra has come up with an organ called the emsigner. Humans have this tendency of being lazy but sometimes the works get too much especially when you are dealing with a lot of paperwork. With designer it is one interesting advancement that ensures you can sign your documents digitally. This means that bulk papers to be signed are done with and reduces delay. It works on an end to end capability where you can access it anywhere and at any given time. Being a cloud-based solution, the designer has signature that are really powerful.

It offers a solution for management of signatures especially to enterprises to ease all the work done and to ensure that the signatories are done properly signing for third-party applications is also made easier for the signer by using the designer gateway. This as too many organization is one helpful tool when there is bulk the IOS system, it makes the problems easier and accessible to all be it an institution, company or an individual.

Management of documents also another issue, where it provides secure storage for documents and also provides reports to get a view of the amount of work done and the paper saved and also the trends. The designer comes in three packages to choose form depending on the work you need to be solved.

  1. Public key infrastructure

It combines two major features the emCA and the digital signature. The emCA is responsible for powering emudhara’s certifying authority operations. For you to be part of this digital transformation one is required to hold a certificate, that is the digital signature certificate. The DSC emudhra certificate indicates that you are the owner to your key which is digital and helps in identification hereby containing all your details. It’s more of making sure that when you are doing your business on the net or transaction the key develops your credentials. The Dscemudhra , has been mandated by the certifying authority and, therefore, can issue this certificate. It therefore , offered classes 1.2 and 3 DSC certificate and also accompanied by other digital signature that include filling of income taxes, electronic tendering, electronic procurement and foreign trade.

Registration in emudhra is not complex but have to be registered through the registration authority. The emudhra registration is not a long process and the process is handled through a unique portal. The portal follows the registration authority system that help in managing the flow of work especially in the issuing of digital certificates, reissuing the certificates, renewal and revoking in a case where maybe a worker has been terminated form work.

  1. Identity governance

This is an area where one is able to manage identities which allow you to authenticate and be able to access and sign in or log in through the RA login. Authentificationis really a global issue on security, especially in this digital era. Prone to serious threats from the web which may combine malware or even major viruses. Form issuing the security to banks, governments, and enterprises which support more than 15 authentification modes, the solution is referred to as emas.

Another product is emsafe. It ensures that data is handled confidentially through data encryption and decryption. It uses and amazing feature which uses an end-to-end capability that provides security during the encryption of data. This solution has shown cases where it can be able to encrypt file amounting to 10 gigabytes.

  1. Predictive Analysis

It consists of a product called the emStream. The emstream is a tool which uses unstructured and structured data through the use of algorithms and the interesting one is getting a clear view of the customers by use of technologies like graph which can be either social or web. This can be used to link and detect any fraud occurrence.

  1. Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of things can be termed as humans becoming more and more dependent on devices. The LOT basically depends on the digital certificates in ensuring that your network is completely safe and secure. Through secure which is a platform by LOT that deals majorly with that are deployed to all LOT platforms linked to trusted platform modules. By observing the communication protocols, it is responsible for the provision of power and the management of keys whereby it allows identification of devices and also managing them. Through plug and play, design secures able to deploy by helping you secure you network.

In a bid to transform the internet and the digital world, LOT can be termed as making it all smart. Through the coming up of smart cities, smart houses to even getting too smart parking, a security breach on emsecure is a thing of the past. It alsomakes sure that all your financial worries are out of your concern with new innovative ways day in day out to help and give you all the necessary security.

  1. Blockchains

This is the most crucial products of all the products. This is because, in order to gain access to any of the services at emudhra, there are three major layers that block need to give you access to by using blockchain system. This emblock gives you access to the identity layer whereby you give the national ID or an ID that verifies you which is used for easier and faster verification. The signature layer where you fill in the signature and you will have to provide a legally valid signature and the payment layer to ensure that one is able to make payments for either goods or services.

Digital signature over the old ink signature come with many benefits. Since the

Documents are saved on the cloud, sending the documents is really faster and actually helps in cutting cost. You and you and your clients can easily access and sign the documents using just but a click. One is also able to see the actual time that one signed and when they opened a document. The emudhra public key infrastructure (PKI) also ensures that your document and the signatures are secure and safe hence no worry ablut losing data. This signature can also be used in courts globally since they are legal and follows all protocols and rules.

Building trust has always been the main agenda of emudhra digital signatures, which is actually the motto. Customer service are offered on a 24/7 basis whereby there are qualified personnel’s to assist you in case of any questions involved. It also responds to complains especially where customers feel there is a need for improvement. Use of social media ventures is another platform emudhra uses to communicate with their customers. For new customers, emudhara provides a digital signature certificate manual that outlines all the know-how on about the certificate and the procedures to be followed in order to obtain the certificate. Established in 2008, emudhra digital signature has been able to garner a couple of awards that include the e-Asia and another award by a United Nations Body. Having worked with large banks, major financial institutions and even more so the government of India. The company has made a name in the digital market. In this digital era, there is a need for one to have a secure place for your business data and information because you never know when an attack to your data will come and it is always advisable to be prepared.

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