Yo-yo effect – is it possible to lose weight forever with Cutting Anabolic Steroids?

Yo-yo effect – the so-called weight fluctuations that many people lose weight face. Weight first decreases due to diets, and then increases after they finish. Pendulum weight fluctuations experienced up to 80% of losing weight. The figure, of course, is depressing. But in order to solve this problem, let’s first understand it.

Vicious circle

The yo-yo effect is not just a vicious circle: lost weight – gained, lost-gained. Often the situation is more sad. Thoughtless adherence to fashionable diets leads to the fact that, along with fat, a person says goodbye to a certain amount of muscle tissue. That is, the phrase “lost weight” – completely literally corresponds to Cutting Steroids from Reputable Seller: losing weight does not lose fat, namely weight, which includes fat, and muscles, and water.

Then follows a new round – weight gain. But in this case we are no longer gaining a certain “weight”, but quite specific fat. Thus, a person comes to the next weight loss cycle with less muscle and more fat than he did the first time he started to diet and lose weight.

If the yo-yo effect is repeated again and again – each time a person has an output of an increasingly “non-winning” body composition. These processes partly explain why it is becoming more and more difficult to lose weight with age. The same phenomenon can be explained when the first, second time, some kind of diet works well, and then it ceases to help.

There are no miracles

Open the list of diets on any website and in most of them you will find the phrases “provides long-term weight loss”, “weight goes away forever”, “fat will not return”. Oh, how I want it to be true. We want so much that we, despite common sense, begin to believe in these “cap-tale” slogans.

Talk frankly with a professional nutritionist and ask: do you guarantee the preservation of the result after I lose weight? A competent specialist will never give you 100% guarantees. After all, if you do not change your eating habits and the regime of physical activity, and continue to crunch chips on the sofa after the diet, then what guarantees can we talk about? So, if you don’t want to lose the client, then maybe they will promise something with a guarantee.

Self-esteem and positive attitude

Another unpleasant consequence of the yo-yo effect is a decrease in self-esteem and a negative attitude. Naturally, after returning to their original state six months later, many people lose confidence in their abilities and feel a certain guilt for this failure. And even then, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to maintain weight, they conclude: “I am not destined to be slim, I have such a constitution.”

In most cases of the yo-yo effect, its cause was precisely the wrong weight loss strategy. You cannot achieve a lasting, lasting effect with extreme and unhealthy diets.

Reasonable food and sport

The way out of the described situation is both simple and complex at the same time: a change in eating habits and an increase in physical activity. To preserve the achieved results, it is not at all necessary to become an impeccable ideal of proper nutrition or to achieve some special heights in training.

But at the same time, it is undesirable to return to some previous unhealthy habits. Try to find a balance between “little joys” and a healthy lifestyle. For each person, this will be their own individual recipe for maintaining a good figure.


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