What you must know before traveling to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai is a dream of any traveller. Being a dream destination, the city never stops surprising you with its big, man-made wonders which include Burj Khalifa and World Island as well as a lovely beaches and stunning desert safaris. With one of the best shopping malls in the world, remarkable charms, thrilling activities and buzzing nightlife you can’t have enough of this second largest emirate in the UAE.

With so much to do & experience, our Dubai travel tips guide will ensure you do not miss out on the essential travel tips & tricks for a memorable vacation. Also be on the lookout for Air Arabia Coupon which allows hefty discounts on flights months prior for you to plan your trip.

When to Go

The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months from November to March when weather is comfortable for sightseeing throughout the day. Summer months must be avoided when temperatures are unbearable and all of Dubai is mostly hibernating due to unbearable heatwaves. With the New Year celebrations and Dubai Shopping Festival, December end to mid-February is the peak season with thick crowds, long queues and skyrocketing hotel prices.

Look at flights six months ahead

International airlines generally issue their cheapest seats about six months prior to departure dates. This doesn’t mean you essentially need to buy your tickets that far ahead of time, but it’s preferable to start looking and comparing prices. At the latest, with Air Arabia Coupon you should buy your tickets at least one month in advance to get cheap tickets.

What to Pack

Modesty and temperance are the effective words when we talk about packing for traveling to Dubai and confirm a safe and fun trip without breaching any morals or ethics. Therefore, tight-fitting and revealing clothes must be avoided by female travellers.

  • Considering the climate, light and loose cotton clothes are preferable.
  • Prescription medicines and elementary first aid supplies so you don’t get pressurized in a new place for minor contusions and infections
  • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are a must to stay protected from the sun & heat
  • Even though Dubai has enough options for eastern and western cuisine, it is also recommended to try out somelocal snacksfor a quick bite



Arriving in Dubai and moving around

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world so it’s always a better choice to have a fair impression of what to expect when you get there. The airport has three main terminals only for International Arrivals. Once you are through with all the baggage claims, immigration and inbound security screening, you will have to head towards your preferred mode of transport to reach your accommodation.

If you are planning to stay in a hotel, then Air Arabia Coupon will help you save a lot in booking your flight and your hotel as it announces various packages throughout the year.

There are three options to travel within the city, to reach the city-centre or your hotel from the airport. You must purchase a travel smart card at the airport for payment for all three modes, as cash payment is not accepted.

The Dubai Metro is the fastest and the most convenient and affordable way to reach your destination. Located at few minutes from major hotels, this is a completely hassle-free option.

The bus, however takes twice the time than the metro and ticket cost is comparatively higher. Though much more luxurious than the metro or bus, the Airport taxis are the fastest and highly convenient modes to travel to the city.

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