What Rummy Rules You Should Know Before Starting Playing Online Rummy


It is a simple and very popular game among the young generation which can be played with the help of a series of playing cards over the internet. Under the draw and discard options, it is a very populous game across the world, especially India. One of the most played games in India is the thirteen card games. The noted aim of this game is to make improvements in the hand by dealing with different sets of cards and creating a particular sequence or a series according to the rules of the game. It is a game that is usually played between two to six players and the competitors turn, draw and discard each card at a time until the sequence of series has been made.

There are some official Rummy rules and regulations for playing the game as well. Two packs of cards required for playing along with two jokers. Low to high ranking is here in the cards where King is the highest and the last one is Ace. Ace can be used as a face card or one while creating the series in a particular sequence. There are different values for various cards such as Face cards are K, Q, J, which contains ten points, and on the other side, Ace has ten points.

Here are some of the things that you need to know before start playing the game with Rummy Rules:

First of all, the game is wholly legal and declared as an entertainment alternative to improve the skills of the players by the Supreme Court of India in August 2015. Here, one can use their skills to win the game using all the relevant skills.

The player can drop the game if he or he thinks that they don’t have the good cards in a set of series. But it can only be done when it is your turn and you can give up before drawing a card. It is also possible to drop the game in between in some pools whereas the penalty is high for the player as if he did the same at the starting of the game while picking up the very first card. For instance, in the game of 101 points, one will lose 20 points if drop the game at first and 40 points if drop the game in middle. However, the losing points would be the same in 201 points of the game.

The player can use Joker card at the place of any other card while creating the cards in sequence and use that any other card in forming other series. A Joker Card is selected from the set of cards and all the cards as similar to the joker are also considered as the Joker Cards. In addition to this, two extra cards will be there that also contains the symbol of a Joker.

While playing the game, if face Joker Card came as a joker, then the Joker Card will be Ace Card “A”.

If, in any case, a pure sequence is already formed with or with no Joker, then the player can use the jokers in hand to complete the set.



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