Useful School Volunteer Management Software Features

Anyone responsible for operating a volunteer program understands the many obstacles they face — the problems one faces can be significantly reduced by using school volunteer management software. Such an app can automate your volunteer registration process. It can also help to improve the quality of services by promoting your group of people to work smarter.

Most volunteer management programs face similar situations. When breaking down the problems, there are usually seven issues that are key to the problems experienced.

One of the major problems is the accurate reporting and tracking of volunteers. This can be and is an issue because too often, a volunteer forgets to log their hours, or absent volunteers were not reported. This affects the accuracy of volunteer data.

If you choose a software program, it will allow volunteers to check themselves in. This will enable the sign-in to be time-stamped. Each volunteer also receives a push notification. This reminds them to check-in and check out. Software programs also allow volunteers to see other available opportunities while using their login information.

Another problem is that reporting is often less than accurate when it needs to be as precise as possible. When you use a centralized software program, it will allow you to integrate your reporting and tracking.

This will allow all of your data to be updated and relevant automatically. A good software program will offer you more than 50 pre-built reports. It will help you to find your top volunteers easily. All of these reports are ready to see with just one click. They also update live.

You must match your volunteers with jobs they understand and know how to do. For example, you should not put a person with a criminal background to work with a group of children. Using a software program allows you to match the specialized skills of a volunteer with a position requiring such skills.

You will be able to find volunteers by filtering for skills or interest. This will improve your volunteer program by ensuring your program uses the most qualified and passionate people wanting to help.

Using your software program will also allow you to partner with businesses in the area or with families. This is available through the group sign-up feature. Valuable time can be saved as all contact will be made through the team leader of each group.

The email feature can save more time. Once a volunteer signs up, they can easily input their email address. This information is stored automatically and linked to their profile.

You should not be wasting your time chasing paperwork. This is often the case with e-Sign waivers. Your software program will allow you to store e-Sign waivers. This waiver will be accessed when they sign-up for an opportunity.

It can then produce a signature on their computer, or even on their phone. You will not need to print or scan any of the information. This allows all of your documents to stay safe as well as organized.

The final component of a suitable software program is a special events component. It is separate from your volunteer opportunities. This makes a big event easier to discover, and you have the opportunity to directly link to such events in your social media posts as well as your emails. This allows your special events to receive a little extra attention. This extra attention converts to better attendance at the event.

School volunteer management software is a great asset to help those people leading volunteers to have valuable information at their fingertips. This might be a program you can hold a fundraiser to purchase – it is that valuable.

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