The Internet Changed Our Lives In Ways You Might Not Think

The internet, as it exists today, has gone through many evolutions that have really transformed what it is used for and how it interfaces with society. But evolution or not, the internet, as an invention of its own, has changed our lives in a massive way since its inception. Since you are most likely reading this on the internet I imagine that you are already familiar with some of the key ways that it has transformed our lives, but there may be other effects that you may have never considered. Let’s take a look at just a few and try to go a couple of levels deeper than the surface.

Let’s start with communication. Yes, of course we can share messages all over the world instantly on a personal basis, but lets for second consider the operational and business side of things. Businesses can now operate completely self-sustaining branches in completely different countries and still show up to the same meeting without flying anywhere… all through powerful teleconferencing. They can share their screen, camera, or really… anything! Consider medicine and the speed with which you could get a consultation from the top neurosurgeon that lives across the world, where before that would take days if not weeks by postal service.

Let’s consider biometric technology. We’ve had pacemakers and other medical technology that connects to your immediate surroundings, but now that can be connected to the internet for not much extra hardware. What does that mean? You could have a heart attack and your doctor could know within seconds, and an ambulance could be dispatched without your effort at all! The most intense version of that is doctors that are able to perform complex surgeries through precision robots that replicate their every move. The location of medical professionals is no longer important, as robots have allowed them to perform their job from anywhere… even their own home.

Finally, I want to consider entertainment. Outside of the fact that movie theaters no longer have to receive large packages with film or even small packages with DVD’s or flash drives, but now, a movie theater can receive a film through a file transfer software… which eliminated almost an entire industry of film distribution. How about YouTube? Never was there a time where you could, so democratically, get yourself noticed on any other platform like the internet. Everyone could become famous because everyone has the same tools… the internet.

This last one I think is important to consider… This doesn’t just mean that if you record a hilarious video of your dog licking its butt it could go viral… although it might… it means any thought or any idea could find it’s audience these days, no matter where you are. You could be in the middle of a forest with a WiFi Hotspot and spread ideas and information.

If you have something you would like to say or something you’d like to get out into the world, we live in a completely unique time, where a click of 1 button could immediately share it with the entire world population. The rest is up to them… but it’s all thanks to the internet.

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