The Grid matches and Your Choices for the best games

For a grid of 12 matches, Sports betting guarantees a minimum amount of 20 000 euros divided between the winners. The winners are divided into 4 different ranks and in the following way.

  • 40% of the committed sums are shared between the grids which count 12 exact predictions (rank 1).
  • 20% of the sums committed are shared between the grids which count 11 exact predictions (rank 2), 20% equally divided between the grids with 10 winning matches (rank 3), and the remaining 20% ​​shared between those who have 9 exact predictions (rank 4).

The great originality of the grids 12 Sports betting is the operation with a jackpot. Unlike grids 7, if there is no winner at rank 1 the amount that should have been distributed is reported on the next grid. This means that as long as there is no winner, the jackpot increases for grid 12 of the following week. If the grids without a winner succeed one another, one manages to reach a very important amount of money. Especially the great strength of Sports betting grids is that you can play as a team. Make a visit to to get the best information for the same.

Team grids

  • Grids prognostics Sports betting 
  • To win your Sports betting grids, we advise you to bet on some surprises.
  • Indeed, as in all lotto football you fight against the predictions of other players. But we know that the majority of punters play favourites in a massive way. They all bet the same way, and bet on big and often without analysing.
  • Here at the strategic level, we advise you to bet against the flow of others. Not systematically of course, but to try here and there some surprises.
  • Tha way if you win, you will be very few to share the jackpot money.
  • What’s really cool about Sports betting is that you can play at your grid. This is really a big advantage, because it allows you to play bigger grids than you could have done alone.
  • The principle is that you can create your own “team” grid that will allow other players to participate as well. But you can also participate in existing grids, and get some money back if they win.
  • With this participatory grid system, you have much more opportunities to win than with conventional grids. This makes prediction grids much more interesting than playing classic games alone.
  • By playing team grids, you bet less money and you increase your chances of winning. It’s all good. Of course in case of winning, the amount won is divided according to what each has bet, which is completely logical.

Last words

It is normal who has bet 10 euros on a winning grid, will win 10 times more than the one who bet 1 euro, it is proportional.


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