The Best Dock Boxes

When it comes to spending a day on a boat, there are so many things to remember. Life jackets, snacks, drinks, fishing gear; it can all be needed on a day on the lake or ocean. It’s always frustrating when you get to the pier and find an old, worn out, broken lock box. 

Where are you supposed to store all your gear and things you need to keep dry and safe. When it comes to lock boxes there are many different options. Here are a few words of advice when it comes to picking out the best dock box.

First of all, consider what type of material the lockbox is made up of. The point of lock boxes is to keep the objects inside safe. So consider a fiberglass lock box. Fiberglass is more durable against the elements in comparison than the competitive wooden or plastic. 

Along with that, it does very little expanding and contracting with the weather and temperatures. They are durable and nice looking; adding to the value of the property around it rather than subtracting from it. When it comes to picking out the perfect lock box don’t be cheap and get stuck with an old worn out wooden or faded plastic box. 

Get Fiberglass

Next when it comes to picking out a lockbox, consider what you are going to be storing in it. Are you just going to use it to store a few life jackets so they don’t get stolen by a passerby or is it going to be for tools or electronics that you need to bring along but don’t want to get wet? These are all things to consider when it comes to which lock box you purchase. There are many things that people want in a lock box. 

Theft proof, water proof, crack proof and a smooth interior finish to name a few. There is nothing more annoying than pulling out a brand new life jacket from you lock box and finding it covered in fiberglass. This is why it is always best to get a gel coated lock box. Along with that, the UV gel coat helps protect the box and the things inside from the sun.

There are many different types of lock boxes available based on what they are going to be used for. First, there is just a typical square or rectangular dock box that is typically used in any multi application setting in a marina. The perfect box for anything. Next is the low profile box. It is narrower and longer and typically used in a fishing setting. 

And there is a triangular box. You ask yourself, what would you ever need a triangular shaped box. Well it is perfect for corners and for when it’s needed to be out of the way. One very handy type of dock box is the seat dock box. 

This is convenient because not only does it store things but it also is usable as seating. Perfect for small areas. And last of all, the upright storage container. This is super handy for things that need to hang such as deep sea divers wetsuits.

In the end, there are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing and using a dock box. What do you need it for? How long do you need it to last? Do you need it to lock or just to protect your items from the elements? 

When it comes to choosing the perfect dock box make sure that you are utilizing fiberglass technology. Check out amazon and other major distributors for the durable, beautiful, UV coated, locking dock box

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