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Picking The Right Men’s Hat for Your Next Event  

Depending on your style and preferences, a man’s hat is a trendy fashion pick ideal for an array of occasions. For example, you can wear one at your birthday party or your company’s end of year event. However, with the wide selection of men’s hats available in the market, choosing the right one for you is not always easy.
Here are several factors to consider when choosing the accessory.

Consider your face’s shape

Always go for a hat that complements your face’s shape. An oval face is suitable with any style of hat, while a heart-shaped face will work well with hats with bucket styles or those with small brims. Floppy hats, cloches and fedoras are ideal for oblong-shaped faces and hats with wide brims are suitable for round faces.

Personal style and characteristics

Your personal style and characteristics will play an important part in helping you choose the right hat. Other than fitting your style, the accessory should match the type of clothes you wear. The good news is that you can rely on websites, fashion magazines, and designers for ideas.

Material and color of the hat

Most people go for wool when looking for hats to keep them warm during winter. Wool is also the material of choice for those wishing to attend formal events. However, straw material works best if you are planning to go on a trip to the beach or in the summer. When it comes to color, it is important to ensure that the one you choose will match your skin tone, hair, and clothing.

Consider your budget

Just like when shopping for any other item, you will have to take into account your budget. The amount of money you are willing and able to spend will determine the hat styles you can buy. Generally, a hat of good design and quality is likely to be more expensive than a cheap one.

Make sure it fits your head

Lastly, the hat you choose should fit not only your head but also your physique. Try it on to ensure that the length of the brim is not as wide as your shoulders. This will go a long way in helping to enhance your appearance.

In the end, the hat you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident in who you are. Also, there are men’s hats for different seasons. As such, shop with the time of the year you intend to wear the hat in mind. Better still, consult a fashion expert to help you make the right decision.


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