How to Promote Plastic Rubbish Removal like A Pro

Plastic waste finds its way to the ocean, therefore, threatening marine life. It is disgusting to see that oceans have become garbage soup. Obviously, no one would enjoy seeing a pile of rubbish in the shores of an ocean. Therefore it is prudent to come up with unique ways of reducing and disposing of plastic waste. According to statistics, more than one trillion plastic bags are used all over the world annually. Due to this reason, governments have banned the use of disposable shopping bags in some cities. The war against plastic waste can only be won when people admit that cleanliness is a personal responsibility. You are encouraged to carry a shopping bag to avoid using plastic bags. Here are several ways to reduce plastic waste.

Rethink Your Food Packaging

Re-evaluate the use of plastic bags, plastic containers, and plastic wraps when packaging food. Instead of using plastic bags or a plastic container to pack your lunch, why not use a stunning tiffin or bento box. Instead of using plastic wraps and zipper bags to store food in the fridge, why not use glass containers. The primary goal is to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags in your house.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

According to statistics, more than 20 billion plastic bottles are disposed of annually. Instead of buying bottled water, carry water with reusable bottles. In addition, shun away from using plastic straws. Furthermore, we can all agree that straw is not necessary when taking a drink. Get a stainless steel water bottle that you will be carrying to coffee shops instead of using paper cups.

Come Up With Period Waste Free Ideas

There are a variety of non-disposable methods for managing your period. You can consider using a diva cup, ruby cup, or a DIY reusable pad. All these choices help do away with most pads and tampons that end up in the environment.

Carry a Woven Bag to the Grocery Store

Forget about plastic shopping bags. Many grocery stores are selling or giving tote bags to their customers. Reusable bags will go a long way in rubbish removal in cities. Also, you can acquire a reusable produce bag for your fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, technology advancement has made life more comfortable. You can comfortably order reusable bags through online websites.

Avoid Products That Has Microbeads

Microbeads are tiny plastics that are mainly found in toothpaste, face scrubs, and body washes, to mention a few. These small plastics end up in the sewer and waterways. The microbeads end up in marine life stomachs thus causing death.

Support Ban

Many governments around the world have enacted laws to prohibit the use of plastic bags. This unique way of rubbish removal encourages manufacturers to use recyclable and degradable containers. You can encourage your peers to avoid using plastic bags and contribute to ensure people are taught more about the environment.

Make Use of Refill Stations for Detergents

Sometimes it is daunting to avoid plastic bags. However, you will be amazed to know that there are environmentally friendly solutions for every need. You can adopt the use of liquid soap, which can be refilled at a local refill station.

Besides making considerable efforts in avoiding plastic waste, rubbish must find its way in our homes and offices. You can consider hiring reputable firms that have made a name in rubbish removal in London. Companies such as Clearabee offer flexible and cost effective services. They collect rubbish in homes and offices using a lorry. The fantastic thing about Clearabee is that they are environmentally conscious. They separate non-degradable and degradable waste. Non-degradable rubbish is taken back to factories for recycling while degradable waste is disposed of in landfills. They have a wide range of equipment for rubbish removal to ensure they offer state of the art services.

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