How To Identify The Best Home Security Camera For You

Home security systems undoubtedly are one of the most underrated products there is ever to exist in-home technology. The companies can’t really blame people though because there has been a stigma about such a system to be unreliable when you need it the most. If the previous companies that pioneered home security systems made it right the first time and didn’t just sell substandard products to their customers, this could have been something that every home has today and it could have been worth more than what it is today.

But that doesn’t mean that the industry is dead, in fact, it has gone through some drastic changes over the past decades making the product even better and smart. Today it’s all about connectivity, its all about harmonizing all the systems and gadgets in your home and connect them through a central command like a phone. From smartwatches, light bulbs, thermostats, vacuums, and many more, everything can be controlled easily. If you’re looking for a good home security system a company called Ring offers a great products for you.

It’s not about being pretty: Face it, if you’re looking for an aesthetically agreeable home security system camera, you’re not going to find it in the most part. The fact is that, most companies have a bad taste in design and sleekness, but, when it comes to functionality and reliability people have nothing bad to say about them and the brand Ring is proof of that. The Ring has two good products that are highly recommended to date, the spotlight and the floodlight. If you want to buy either one refer to the link below.

Comparing both products: Both products are undoubtedly two of the best in the market today and it can be hard to decide to choose either one. At first glance, it can be confusing as to which product you should buy. The spotlight and the floodlight were made for specific needs. To help you decide, below are the apple to apple comparison:

Siren on


Yes Yes
Night Vision Capabilities Color

Advanced when plugged in


Advanced when plugged in

Resolution 1080p 1080p


Yes Yes
Live Stream Yes Yes
Wired features? Yes Yes
Wireless features? Yes No
View 140° 140°

Brightness (lumens)

375 lumens 1800 lumens
Price: Battery: $169

Wired: $169

Mount: $219


Check on reviews: Aside from checking out the product through its specs, its also best if you check out review websites since these sites will most likely convince you what to buy and what not to buy. Review sites are made by people that do reviews for a living. Their reviews are based on their actual experience of the product. They put themselves out there to give you good information on the product that you plan on buying.

The Ring Floodlight or the Ring Spotlight, that is the question. Each of the products is built with various types of needs in mind. Although the Floodlight might seem like a good choice, it’s limited with features and options that might not work in certain situations. Good thing that there are various references that one can check and refer to in order to make the right decisions. If you want to compare the Ring Floodlight and Spotlight or with other products that are out there today, visit the link.

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