The UAE is one of the world’s strongest and fastest-growing economies that cuts across many industries. The food and beverage industry is one of these many. The food and beverage industry in the UAE was recently estimated to be worth a total of AED 142bn with projections of a bigger industry in the nearest future. To cater to the needs of the largely busy and affluent population, the number of food delivery businesses in the UAE is on the rise. This industry presents a big opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the food industry.

However, starting a catering business in Dubai requires you to have a license. To get a catering license in Dubai, you need to fulfill some other conditions first. You must choose a company name that does not contain any blasphemous or offensive language. Also, if you are naming the business after yourself, the business name must have no abbreviations. When that is done, you must decide if you’re setting up the business on the mainland or in one of the free zones. If you choose the mainland, then you have to apply directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or municipality of the emirate you are planning to set up in. If you choose a free zone, then you must apply to the management authority in charge of that region.

Applying for a catering license requires you to have a trade license. When you already have this, you can apply to the Dubai Food Safety Department for your catering license. In your application, you must provide very important details of the floorplan of your kitchen – the entrances and exits, food storage areas, food processing areas, all windows and other sources of ventilation, all food processing equipment, and all washing equipment. You must ensure that your kitchen setup strictly adheres to what is known as the UAE’s ‘Food Code’. This is a set of laid down rules on accepted food production and storage practices, ventilation requirements, cleaning facilities and so much. If you arrange your kitchen in a way that meets these requirements, you will surely receive your catering license and be able to dive into the food industry proper.

Most people entering the food business in the UAE always want to know the real cost of a catering license. This is not very easy to estimate as there are a lot of other factors involved – size and location of your proposed business, among other factors. However, there’s a major cost to consider and, that is your trade license. You can get one inclusive of one visa from Fujairah Creative City for AED 22,000. A few other costs must be considered alongside – the cost of premises, application development etc.

In conclusion, the process of obtaining your catering license does not have to be complex, especially if you employ the services of reputable company formation experts such as Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ) to help you out.

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