How to choose a car dealer in your area

When a person decides to search for a new car, it can seem like all the dealerships in the area are promising the best deals and customer service. But how do you choose the right car dealer in your area?

How do you determine who is the real deal and who is trying to sell you a lemon to make a quick buck?  According to the NY Daily News, the three aspects you should find in a reputable car dealer are:

  • Fair Prices
  • Great Service
  • Availability of Vehicles

Fair Prices: Good used car dealers will set an honest price. You can get a good feeling for their honesty if the prices on the lot are similar to what you’d find on the Kelley Blue Book website. Also, trust your gut. If a price looks too good to be true or seems like a rip-off, it’s probably true.  Good dealers will price their cars fairly according to the current market.

Great Service:  Salespeople make a living by connecting with customers to meet their needs. If the staff on the lot are standoffish or rude, you need to move on. In addition, the right representatives will be keenly interested in matching you with a great car instead of trying to pawn a car on you that nobody else wants.

Availability of Vehicles:  Do they have an inventory that’s comprehensive enough to not require lengthy special orders and shipments? You have limited time and want to test drive a vehicle when you come to the dealership, not wait weeks for the opportunity. A good dealership has a healthy stock of reliable vehicles that you should be able to purchase as soon as possible.

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