How Do I Make My Website SEO Friendly?

A website must be SEOfriendly. Reason being that it translates the success of the site and increases its rankings on search engines, particularly on Google SERPs. Now, because the issue of search engine optimization can be complicated for some, we’ve made a compilation of some of the practical ways to make your website SEO friendly.

1. Keywords

Keywords are your best bet to make your website rank higher in search engines. They also attract people to your posts or content. How do you know the suitable keywords for your blog post or webpage? All you need to do is to think or imagine what people would insert into a search engine. You can and do some basic keyword research to discover what the most popular search terms are on your topic. Once you’ve discovered the keyword or phrase, place it in the Meta description, title, permalink and heading. Be warned, you do not have to stuff keywords in your content.

2. Images

In a bid to make your website SEO friendly or gain traction on search engines, you can make some changes to how you post images. To achieve this, switch the name of the image file to a description of the specific picture. For instance, use London.jpg rather than image123.jpg. The benefit of this lies in the fact that it assists image appearances on search engine image searches. This exposes your website to new visitors, thereby boosting traffic towards it. You can also add alt tags to images.

3. Build a Diverse Link Profile

If you have established numerous onsite means to achieve a search engine optimized website, you should turn to bolster brand awareness and establishing a backlink profile. To achieve this, do well to create a diverse backlink profile. This profile should have the combination of ‘follow and no follow’ links directed to your site. These sorts of links make your site a lot more credible and reward it with more visibility in search results. Visitors will easily find your content. That being established, building a natural link profile is essential and helps to generate leads in the long term.

4. Utilize Social Media

Although many suggest that social media may not have a direct impact on Google’s ranking algorithm, there are some benefits attached to linking your social media platforms to your website. With various social media platforms, you can kickstart the process of distributing or sharing your blog posts or content across the web. Sharing generates novel leads, aids SEO campaigns, increases page views, bolsters traffic, increases brand exposure and helps you build a community of followers. You can go for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

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