How Do I Get My Insurance to Pay for Fertility Treatments?

According to a study, one out of eight couples have problems conceiving a child due to medical reasons. Such couples adopt an unnatural methodology of conceiving, known as In Vitro fertilization (IVF).  The IVF treatment is usually a costly affair, and people prefer taking fertility treatment insurance Az to manage the treatment expenses. However, you can also use grants for infertility treatments Az, but the competition is tough. 

Does Arizona state insurance cover IVF treatment?

Arizona does not give a mandate to the insurance companies to give infertility benefits to the consumers. Hence, very few insurance companies offer the benefits of fertility treatment insurance Az to consumers. But you always have the option of availing the grants for infertility treatments Arizona

What is covered in IVF insurance plans?

You have to be careful when you are choosing the insurance plans as there are many hidden rules in infertility insurance. Some insurance plans do cover the IVF treatment but might deny covering the injections and tests related to it. Very few policies cover everything involved in the process. 

How much does an IVF cost?

The average cost incurred in IVF treatment is between $10,000 and $15,000, excluding the medication charges. Medication costs, in this case, comes to somewhere between $1500 and $3000 per cycle depending on the criticality of the case.

How can I avail of the grants for infertility treatments?

In your first visit to the fertility clinic, you should enquire about the low cost or grant options that they offer to the ones who cannot afford the hefty treatment bills. They will help you with the available that fits your eligibility. Furthermore, you can explore the list of organizations that provide grants for various treatments and apply if you fit in the eligibility criteria.

How can I get my insurance to pay for Fertility Treatment?

Getting insurance for infertility treatment is challenging, as very few of them provide benefits in this sector. You have to do some additional work here to extract the benefits from every possible option that fits well within your comfort.

Check with your employer: Even if your employer is not offering you the benefits for this treatment, you can take a chance by asking. There are possibilities that if the employer talks to the insurance broker, they can add it to your existing plan. You can ask for replacing your current policy with a plan that offers IVF treatment benefits.

Work for a company that provides IVF benefits: Work for employers that provide you with maximum benefits even if you are located offshore. For instance, if you are in Arizona, and you work for a company having headquarters in Florida, you are eligible to get the Florida benefits.

Ask your insurance agent for additional coverage: You can request for special consideration to your agent to get the benefits added to your plan. You have to do a thorough exercise to convince the insurer that the coverage provided by him is not sufficient.

Look out for non-group insurance: Non-group insurance provides complete coverage for IVF treatments. These are substantial premium plans but any time worth than paying for the full cycle of IVF. 


Go ahead and plan for the family you always wanted, without worrying about the treatment charges because if you have the will to do, you will always find a way!

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