Handy Looks at Strange Last Meal Requests from Death Row


Capital punishment still exists in some country and it is common in some states of America. Capital punishment is usually given to those criminals who have done the most heinous crimes. Almost all countries follow a tradition of allowing the criminal the opportunity to request what they would like to have as their last meal. According to Handy, while most criminals opt for their favorite food, some of them request for some strange food.

The Requests

Here are some strange last meal requests from death row:

  1. Timothy McVeigh – Timothy McVeigh carried out one of the deadliest acts of terrorism. He was involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing in which 168 people including many children were killed. Due to this deadly act, he was given the capital punishment. As the last meal, Timothy McVeigh requested 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  1. Ronnie Lee Gardner – Ronnie Lee Gardner murdered Melvyn John Otterstrom at the time of the robbery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Apart from this act, Gardner also murdered Michael Burdell while he was attempting to escape from the jail. Due to such heinous acts, he was given the capital punishment even after spending 25 years in jail. As his last meal, he requested lobster, steak, vanilla ice cream, and an apple pie.
  1. Thomas J Grasso – Thomas J Grasso murdered 87 years old Hilda Johnson on Christmas eve in the year 1990. Grasso broke into Johnson’s room and strangled her with the wire attached to the Christmas tree. Then, he stole $8 from her purse, $4 in change from her house, and a television set which he sold for $125.

After this incident, Grasso and his wife Lana moved to New York where he again murdered 81 years old Leslie Holtz in 1995. As his last meal, he requested 2 dozen steamed clams, whipped cream, half dozen BBQ spare ribs, 2 dozen steamed mussels, half a pumpkin pie, a Burger King Double steamed clams, diced strawberries as well as two strawberry milkshakes.

  1. James Edward Smith – James Edward Smith was a former voodoo priest, tarot card reader as well as a cab driver. He was given capital punishment due to his involvement in armed robbery cases and the murder of a Missouri insurance agent named Larry Rohus in 1983. He also admitted that he has been directly involved in at least six ritualistic killings throughout the country. As his last meal, he requested to have a pile of dirt for performing a voodoo ritual. However, he was not given the pile of dirt. Instead, he was given yogurt.
  2. Philip Workman – Philip Workman murdered a police officer in Tennessee in 2007 due to which he was given the capital punishment. As his last meal, he requested a large vegetarian pizza and wanted it to be delivered to a homeless person.


According to Handy, we should never submit to negative desires and practice gratitude. It is a good way to protect ourselves from negative desires or discontentment which forces some people to do unspeakable acts of evil.

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