Five tips to take care of your leather belts

All the accessories have their importance. Among all the articles in your wardrobe, leather belts require more attention. In addition to it, royal leather belts enhance the look of your closet. Most masses spend the massive amount of bucks on purchasing the leather belts online or offline.

Moreover, leather belts add a new look to your formal or straightforward pants. The few wrinkles and creases on your leather belt deteriorate its quality, beauty as well as look. Here are the few tips for maintaining the royalty, durability, or the charm of your leather belts.

  1. Clean regularly

As every piece of furniture requires cleaning; likewise, leather belts also demand cleanliness. Leather belts quickly pick up the dust and dirt particles. These dust particles make your leather belts dull. So, after using the belt, clean it with a cotton cloth on a daily basis. Apart from that, if you do not have enough time, wash your belt with soap and brush once in a week for maintaining the royalty of it.

  1.  Hang properly

If you want your leather belts remain wrinkles free or crease-free, then you need to hang it properly. In case you throw the belt here and there, then the next day, you will find your leather belt with creases. Creases give a dull look to your style. Apart from that, you can purchase the organizer from the shops or online. Two-piece organizers are most preferable by masses. You can order it online.

  1. Keep it dry

Water is like the danger for leather belts. If mistakenly few drops pour on your belt, then clean it at the moment with the help of a towel. When moisture gets in the leather belts, it leaves a stain on it. You can also hang your belt in the open area for air dry. Apart from it, always avoid dryers to dry the belts. Sometimes dryers make you belt hard.

  1. Choose the proper size

Always select the right size of leather belts. While purchasing the thing, a person makes the mind pay attention to its care. So, he starts to care about the proper size. Neither too loose nor too fit the initial step to care for the leather belts. The appropriate belt size is always two inches larger than the pants or jean size. In addition to it, make sure that you should try it once when you purchase leather belts. Apart from it, if you are buying leather belts online, make sure you place an order of perfect size.

  1. Conditioning the belt

As leather shoes require conditioning with branded conditioners likewise, leather belts also require this. By leather conditioner, you can maintain the shine of leather belts. In addition to it, it is best when you find that your belt looks dull. Moreover, the leather conditioner adds warmth and moisture to your belt. Use the conditioner once or twice in six months. If you have a leather shoe conditioner, then you do not need to purchase it from another one.


Leather belts are the most worthy of men. However, it is that article which does not need proper ironing. Apart from it, leather is a delicate material, and to maintain its delicacy, it requires conditioning, wrapping, and many more things. Therefore, it is up to you how you can maintain the durability of the leather belts. Moreover, either you purchase leather belts online or offline, you will have to give proper attention to it. In addition to it, there is also the wrapping method. You can wrap your belt to make it dust-free.      

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