Do Water Purifiers Remove Fluoride?

In the last couple of years, there has been increasing attention towards fluoride and the effects they have on the human body. A number of negative effects have been identified, for example, an excessive intake of fluoride can lead to damage of certain vital organs. In addition to this, it could lead to the irritation of the skin and the falling of hair. The negative effects of fluoride are overwhelming, this is especially why homeowners are advised to opt for water filter and purification systems to keep them and their loved ones safe.

While most people opt for these water purifiers, one question that has been asked is “if water purifiers can remove fluoride from drinking water”. While you may think otherwise because of the effects mentioned, you will find it surprising to know that water purifiers are capable of removing fluoride from your drinking water, ensuring that you and your loved get access to quality water. While we clearly state that water purifiers can remove fluoride, it is best that you bear in mind that not all of them have the capacity to do this. Some have been manufactured without the quality and tools needed to remove fluoride from your drinking water. Others, on the other hand, claim to be able to remove this harmful substance but do not actually do it.

Water Purifier That Can Remove Fluoride

Unlike most of the other water purifiers cum filter systems found in the market, one has stamped its feet as the leading and most efficient water purifier in the market. That is the Berkey Filter System.

Simply put, the Berkey System is a fully functional and efficient water purifier that has been designed to remove any form of contaminant from your drinking water. When it comes to the removal of fluoride from drinking water, the Berkey systems have proven to be not just the best but miles ahead of others. The Berkey System has the capacity to remove more than 99.99% of fluoride from your drinking water, thus, offering you clean drinking water. While these systems are capable of removing this harmful substance from your drinking water, they tend to lose efficiency when used for a long period of time. Is there a way out? Yes. To ensure that your Berkey system continues to filter fluoride from your drinking water, you could decide to get the Berkey P-F2 element which has been designed specifically to remove fluoride. This additional filter according to the manufacturers has been filled with efficient high-grade alumina media.

Generally, for a system or device to be classified as a water purifier, it has to be able to remove at least 99.7% of fluoride, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria. The Berkey system according to tests that have been carried out in some of the top and accredited state laboratories, this system is capable of removing a greater percentage of 99.99% fluoride, 99.999% viruses, and 99.9999% pathogenic bacteria. This means that this system exceeds the standard that has been set. It is truly a fully functional water purifier device that will offer you clean drinking water.

Being gravity-based, the Berkey system comes in various sizes and shapes, offering all an opportunity to choose which best suits their needs. Unlike some of the other water purifiers that will require users to connect to electricity or water pressure, Berkey systems do not require electricity to function. This makes them the best fit for both your home, outdoor events, and even in case of emergencies. Depending on the size of the system you opt for, you could get at least 30 liters of water from these systems in an hour. One of the most popular types of Berkey System is the Big Berkey Gallon. This system has been designed to hold approximately 2.25 gallons of water which is quite sufficient for a medium-sized family. Depending on the number of Black Berkey Elements used, you could at least 25 liters of water from this water purification system in less than an hour.

The nature and ease of use associated with these Berkey systems are why most homeowners are going for them. Their overall functionality and efficiency make them the best water purifier when it comes to the removal of fluoride.  For more information, be sure to visit www.usaberkey.com

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