Bandung: The City of Books

The Mayor of Bandung RidwanKamil didn’t endlessly continue to innovate, carrying the goal of bringing the city of Bandung as a winner city. We can see this matter with all the many awards received by the city of Bandung under its leadership. At the end of the term, another goal that appears to be realized would be Bandung Kota Buku. How can this be achieved, let’s look at the concept of decentralization ala? RidwanKamil towards Bandung City of Book (Bandung Kota Buku) 2017 as follows:

Bandung City Government Collaboration with Private

In realizing this goal, the Mayor of Bandung Was not alone, his skill RidwanKamil adopted the community and attracted investors to make Bandung a step ahead of other cities. We can see that the formation of Communic Communication is a form of cooperation from the Learning Resource Center (PSB), the Education of Dhuafa Wallet, SHAU Architecture and Urbanism, the DhuafaJawaBaray Wallet along with the Bandung City Government.

Bandung Has a Comfortable and Particular Library That Can Attract Reading Interest

The realization of the cooperation between The City and Private Government, one of them is the unique library in Bandung called Micro Library. The Mini Library stands for neighborhood self-help initiated by the local government. The unique walls are made from ice cream waste that’s been collected by residents. With the support of wallet Dhaka and two foreign architects, Daliana and Florian Heinselmann out of Shau Architecture from the Netherlands, there was a small, yet unique library.

Construction of a library of ice cream used Plastic waste which stands on a land area of ​​100 square meters was constructed within 3 weeks. The building has two floors, the upper level is used for the library space and in the bottom are served as a multipurpose room. Not only that, but the Bandung city government is also building a modern library building, which will later become a Novel center from the city of Bandung.

Promoting Parks Read the Kind of a Combination of Simple Business and Education

If we want to look for various rare novels or even old novels as well as foreign publications, Bandung with all the imagination of its Citizens can realize that. There are many Reading parks in Bandung, from the Ones into the brand new ones. Reading Parks like Zoe Corner, Kineriku, Tobucil&Pitimoss. All these Studying parks are a combination of cafe and bookstore in the kind of medium-sized businesses by opening a free reading playground. It sounds the cafe has a library in the mayor. It looks like a series of modern cafes.

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