5 Tips to Make Your Website More SEO Friendly

The aim of having a website is to build its visitors, and in most cases convert visitors to customers. Search engine optimization help to achieve that need. SEO is all about scoring traffic from the organic, free and natural search results on various search engines.

Not everyone knows what to do when it comes to search engine optimization, for this reason, we’ll be giving out five useful tips to make your website more SEO-friendly.

  1. Smooth application of keywords

Keyword usage largely determines the success of your search engine optimization campaign. In as much as you want to try hard to fit in a specific keyword or keyword phrases, make sure you’re specific. Insert keywords in a simple, straightforward and conversational manner. Place keywords or keyword phrases in the Meta description, title, permalink and heading of your content. However, do not have to stuff keywords in your content

  1. Successfully optimize headlines

You might be wondering about the connection between headlines and SEO. It’s a fact that excellent headlines do help to drive traffic. They also help to improve your search results. Ensure that you utilize the importance of H1 and H2 tags. This tells the search engine specific details about the content.

  1. Internal and navigation links

The structure of your site’s navigation determines the ranking of the website’s page. Understand that the more a page has links on your website, the higher it will rank in search engines. More often than not, business owners and SEO experienced individuals have little or no idea about the structure of their internal link flow. For this reason, they are usually perplexed to see that unimportant pages hold the bulk of their site’s PageRank flow. To optimize the navigation, PageRank flow, and internal link structure, does well to improve these elements by using relevant tools like Screaming Frog or SiteLiner.

  1. Be conscious of your metadata

Do well to note that the content you put on your page is as important as the things you put off it. In simple terms, metadata is a description that you have to fill in the back-end of the page. This gives a summary and description of the main content. Make sure it is catchy and include the relevant keywords.

  1. Be original

Originality is important in SEO. Avoid duplicating content or using similar text for different URLs. In your search engine campaign, avoid republishing content from other sites. You can also check the originality of your articles or posts with tools like Copyscape.

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