3 Things You Should Consider to Check that Your Car is Safe during Transportation

Handing a vehicle to a transporter for interstate car removal can be an emotional investment for many car owners as a financial one.


However it doesn’t have to be tough. Several first-time customers would like to have the guarantee that their car will come to them without any damage.

Whether you hire an American muscle imports like Dazmac Logistics or opt for an interstate car transport, you certainly can minimise the damage to the car with some tricks. Here are a few.

1. Do Your Research

Car shipping companies differ a lot. What you’d find with one company won’t be found with another. Therefore it’s a good idea to do your research so that you can find just the right one.

Here are a few tips you should follow.

Never Go for the Lowest Price

Most often, in case of car transport, you get what you pay for. If you find a company with a lower-than-average price, understand that they are cutting corners in other important things.

Since they don’t have a high reputation, they may be in need of drumming up more business. In any case, it’s not a good sign.

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Check if They have Bad Reviews

If the company has got a few negative reviews, it’s not a sign of a problem.

However, if they have too many negative reviews, about their poor customer service, damage to vehicles or dissatisfactory delivery, it indicates a problem.

2. External Factors

You can apply some tips to protect your car during the transportation process.

Type and Size of Your Car

The size of your car always plays an important role. So also, the type of your vehicle is important.

A vintage or classic car, for example, may need an enclosed trailer for shipping. This usually costs more than an open trailer. However, it offers the best protection to your car from external factors.



Weather is a prime factor to consider while shipping your car. During the winter, car transport may take longer than usual if there’s heavy snowfall or even rains.

During spring, costs typically increase and there are higher chances of accidents.

In that case, you can minimise the damage by being flexible about your time frame.

3. Protection Given by the Transporter

Good auto shipping companies tend to strive to protect their clients’ vehicles during shipping.

They secure the car tightly with chains or other mechanism after the car is loaded on the transportation truck.

Every shipping service driver will secure your car in their truck making sure the parking brake is on to make sure your car doesn’t move during transportation.

This prevents the cars from colliding into each other or moving off the truck.

When the car is in an enclosed trailer, it’s in the safest condition. This protects the car from weather elements and from thieves too.

By checking all the above things, you can be sure that your vehicle is being safely transported and won’t incur any damage. So, you can expect a smooth removal of your beloved car.

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