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14 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom  

“I’d like to remodel my bathroom, but I just can’t manage it right now.” Is that your situation? Will it be a few years until you can rip out the shower, yank up the tile and create the bathroom you’ve always wanted? Here’s some good news: even if you don’t remodel, there are time-effective and budget-friendly ideas to give that room a new look. Try a few of these:

  1. A new color changes everything. Be creative and use a contrasting shade for the trim.
  2. Establish a theme. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination: seashore, garden, bicycles, floral, forest, clouds, boats. Coordinate changes around this theme.
  3. Install floating shelves, i.e, shelves without visible brackets. They’re modern, attractive and make great use of space.
  4. Hang some new towels. Pick a pattern that ties your colors together.
  5. Update or replace the mirror. If you still have a medicine cabinet, pull it down. A glass with a decorative mirror framerefocuses the entire room.
  6. Put new handles on the drawers. It’s a great update for your cabinets and vanity. Or go a step further and replace cabinet doors.
  7. Change the toilet seat. It takes less time and money than replacing the entire toilet. And if you have to jiggle to stop it from running, swap out the innards as well.
  8. Treat yourself to new faucets and a new shower head. Maybe it’s time for a handheld unit.
  9. Freshen caulk and grout. Use bleach or a grout renewal product to bring the color back to life.
  10. Lay a new bath mat or area rug. Refresh your floor without retiling.
  11. Brighten it up. Update to track lighting, pendants or high hats.
  12. Use a toilet paper stand. Wall hangers are fine, but a stand adds a chic modern touch.
  13. Change the shower curtains. Don’t let them just hang there; coordinate them with your other colors and make them pop.
  14. Add art. This final touch brings your theme together. Hang pictures and wall sculptures and set knickknacks on surfaces.

Speaking of art, a mirror can be a work of art as well. And there’s an alternative to buying a new one. If you have an unframed mirror or simply don’t like the frame you have, MirrorMate Frames has 15 years experience in providing a new frame for that glass you don’t want to throw away. Visit the decorative mirror frame web site or call 866 304-6283 to learn how to measure and order. The MirrorMate method works even if your mirror is beveled, rests against a backsplash, abuts to a side wall or is held by clips.


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